Friday, July 29, 2011

Addressing Haters...

     I've written a few blogs and just FYI these blogs were not originally for older people! (I'm 16..figure out what older is) Originally, some of the statements that I made were to be for entertainment, not to be taken seriously.  And I am 100% accountable for apparently not making that clear enough.  But I don't write blogs to read ignorant comments about people calling me a "stupid bi**h".  And I don't need to read ignorant racist comments like "they are all lazy watermelon and chicken eating, referencing all black women".  It's not needed.  If you think I'm immature, you need to reevaluate your life and your meanings of it.  In the particular blog where this person commented referencing black women, there was no racism even made in what I wrote.  It was the blog about cops (this post has been removed).  Referencing all black women to eating watermelon and fried chicken is like me referencing all white women to calling the police on blacks. Because first of all, I don't like watermelon and I don't eat fried chicken often. And by often I mean like I had my first piece of the year...yesterday! Second, quite honestly the cops were at my door because the lady across the street called on us because we wouldn't answer her BS questions.
     For the record, I am NOT in prison or in trouble with the law. For the people that think that, it's just whatever.  So many people want to hate for no reason.  At a time when it's not even necessary. Haters motivate me to do what I do even more and even better.  But when the comments are becoming offensive there's a problem.  It's 2011 and people are still racist.  That's really sad and pathetic.  That just shows that people today are more weak willed, minded and easily influenced.  What I say in my blogs are acceptable because I can do whatever I want.  I'm very honest and blunt about everything I say and if I cared about peoples feelings then I would be a total wreck!  It's not me being mean, it's just me being who/how I am.  If you or anyone else don't like it, then why waste your time and mine commenting on the link to where my blog is posted!?  I don't need the petty BS.  For the person who said my statements where "generic", I hope this is specific enough for you.  People need to get passed color, and just see other people for who they are on the inside.  Inside beauty and intelligence is the only thing that matters.  Get passed stereotypes.  Get passed color.  And get on with your life.  I honestly don't know why I took the time to even write this.  I know I say that I don't care about what people say, but racist comments bother to the point of where it annoys me at night.  That's the only thing that will ever bother me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Erie Pa Copwatch (Joel Atkin Case)

       Okay...I got this idea sent to me on twitter.  I wrote a blog to it already but erased it all because I had to go back and think about this whole thing.  So from this videos that I listened to, Joel Atkin, shot a man (his name I think was Jason) because he was stepping closer to Joel.  I'm not certain if this Jason had a knife or not because the information is so sketchy. My apologizes if I say sketchy a lot because that's what this case is...SKETCHY!  If I'm not mistaken, Atkin was driving and a confrontation occured.  Jason or whoever this dude is was drunk. Knife or not, he punched Atkin in the face and started to come after him.  In the 911 call, Atkin, said that this man was stepping closer and if he went any closer he was going to shoot.  Right there, my first thought was that if someone hit me in the face and had a knife (or not), we would have had a problem.  Because first off, don't put your hands on me. Anywho, the dude got closer and Joel shot the gun...then, that's basically when all hell breaks loose and you just hear him frantically screaming and people in the background.  So, someone was going to get his gun. BLAH BLAH. 
       The mother of Joel says that there is missing evidence.  Like the whole thing with the knife.  A police officer had the same last name as Jason.  This case is so sketchy and so much is going on at one time.  There was something about his car distance that changed 125 feet.  I can see if someone messed up and said that there was a 2 feet difference but not 125 feet.  That absolutely ridiculous.  But I'm going to get to a few other points that I found kind of insulting and just plain wrong.  Like, I'm seriously bothered by these things.  First off:  the threats to Atkins mother...that's totally not needed.  She's not responsible for what happened.  She's just another person that is looking for answers and she wants her son to be free.  Second: I've been reading the comments on the videos and a lot of the people are saying the word "nigger". So I'm guessing this other dude is an African-American.  I don't know what it is but that word is really offensive because I'm African-american myself.  And we're all not bad people, just for the record. The "N" word is so gross and idk why people still use it.  (not saying that there is any racism in this case) but it's possible.  And also for the record, look up the word ni**er,  it does say blacks but it also says ignorant and of darker skin.  So hypothetically speaking, if you go out and get a tan because you think you're too light, then you're a ni**er yourself. Or if you call a black person a ni**er, then you're a ni**er yourself for calling them one. (just saying. i'm totally not a racist)
       Alright, I don't know if I could give a complete opinion on this because it's just sooooo sketchy and off the charts.  I watch a lot of crime stuff and the news and I've never been this confused before.  But from the information that I see..I think it was self defense.  If someone was coming at me with a knife, I'd shoot too! Honestly though, this case could go both ways.  But a lot of it should be reconsidered because of all the missing evidence.  A lot of the information doesn't add up.  Also I would totally love to hear the other side of the story.  But plain and simple, this is what it is.  And with the information given, Atkin seemed to be defending himself..
       (AND IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE WHAT I THINK, THEY CAN COME AFTER ME ALL THEY WANT!  You can hit me up anytime...give me threats all you want. I'm down. I can throw a threat at you to)  The case is sketchy.  With the given info, it's not accurate or probable.  As far as I'm concerned, Atkin, is innocent until some probable evidence shows up and the cops and hospitals stop being stupid and just man up and grow some balls.  I don't know why it's so hard for people to just say it like it is.  Anywho...I'm done now. That's what I think of this case.  My verdict is: SKETCHY!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Gay Marriage...

       Okay. So this is serious topic #2 that people don't like to talk about but so many people hate it. And so many people talk about the bible and all that good stuff.  And sometimes it goes too far.  I know what the bible says and I understand people take it very seriously.  BUT it's a free country and Gays, Lesbians, & Bisexuals can do whatever they want.  If you tell these awesome people that they can't be with the person they love then this country might as well be under a dictatorship or something.
       We are all just human beings fighting each other instead of being the bigger people and stepping up and saying, "HEY! Who cares if you like the same sex as you? And who cares if you like both?"  I don't have a problem with that.  We are who we are. Just go as Ke$ha!  And some people can't help it.  I'd rather be Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual than a serial killer. Or a rapist. Or a bum who has no life. I could go on and on about the things that I don't want to be just to be something else.
       Gay marriage should be legalized because IT"S A FREE COUNTRY. Well at least that what you people say. If it's such a free country then why can't Gay's get married?? HELLO!!!! Hey there...they want to be happy just like the rest of this monster population.  People are so mean and hypocritical.  And for the SOBs who roam the streets looking to torture innocent Gay couples who aren't bothering anyone...F You. You deserve a giant middle finger. BAM! I just gave you one. gay marriage is such a big issue even though there are more important things to worry about. Like little kids being murdered by there careless mothers/fathers and rapists and drug dealers. I don't know..but if I were in charge of the laws and crap I'd be worried more about those things than worried about people who just want to be happy and live their lives.  But some of them can't because they go against the toughest challenges in life. Being bothered by sickos and they end up hurting or killing themselves.  Which is so sad to hear. They are people just like you and me and if no one will stand up for them I will.  Because I'm not a sick bastard that lives for making peoples lives hell!  I have friends that are Gay and all that.  And it made me more aware that they can be some of the nicest people out there.  They aren't the devil just cause they are a little different.  So I say back off instead of being a jerk off.  Sit back and think of what it would be like in their shoes.  Question yourself. And be honest. But leave them alone. THEY AREN'T HURTING ANYONE!
       Get a life...for all you know you might be Gay or whatever and not even realize it yet. So stop being such a hater.  You're a hater cuz they have what you don't.  A person by their side that loves them and wants to marry them.  Don't hate the playa. hate the game.!!!!! BYE!

Friday, July 8, 2011

You're afraid of.....(#1)

You're afraid of....ABORTION:
        So many people are afraid to talk about certain topics.  The put it off and put it off until it's burning a hole inside of them! So every Friday there will be a different topic until I get to the end of my list. There are about 9 things so let's get started!  (sorry if this blog gets long)
       Topic #1 is Abortion. I've talked to a lot of people on this topic and a lot of the answers that I've gotten were the same.  I honestly think that this topic should be discussed in every household with kids.  Not when the kids are 6 yrs old but when they're like in their teens.  I believe that abortion is murder. I don't care if the law, hospitals, your mother, or the president say that a baby isn't considered a human until a certain point in the pregnancy.  That BULL! This little fetus is in the making process of growing to be an amazing little miracle.  People that think it is okay to get an abortion should think it over. Yes, it is the females choice whether she wants it or not but think about it this way...Your mom didn't get you cut out so that you would never enter this world.  There are other choices other than getting an abortion.  Abortion should be the last choice.  You can give the kid up for adoption.  Give him/her to someone who really wants kids.
       There are some many families out there that want to add children to their family.  And so many couples waiting to become a family but they can't have kids.  They would love to take your "mistake" off your hands.  Yes, I know.  This may be coming off a little mean and heartless.  But you have to be heartless to get an abortion.  I'm not judging you if you've gotten an abortion or thinking about an abortion, I'm just trying to get my point across.  Why get an abortion when you can help out a great family/couple. You have the power to make them the Brady Bunch! 
       But I honestly don't understand why it is so hard for people to talk about abortions.  Just be straight up with it.  Abortion is a serious issue that we face with today.  And I'm sure at some point in our lives we will all face the topic of abortion.  I still think that everyone should reconsider abortion.  BLAH BLAH BLAH. plain and simple.  So many people get mad at the topic.  It's like, stop getting mad and do something about it.  Reach out.  But either way people will always do what they want but as long as the people who don't like it attempt to do something about it then they've done their job.
NOTE: I've seen pictures of an abortion. You can Google just about anything. It's brutal and disturbing. But I'm not going to put them on here because it's so gut wrenching.

Influence of Music & Video Games on Teens

       I'm kind of tired of hearing and reading about this.  It's on the internet, radio, TV, and I hear about it from my parents all the time.  The influence of music & video games on teens.  Only dumb kids get influenced by music.  I listen to a wide range of music and I'm not out killing people or doing drugs. Like honestly if you're dumb enough to believe half the stuff rappers/singers say, then you need to be in a padded room with a white jacket on with your arms wrapped around you.  Same thing goes for video games.  If you sit there on your butt for over 4 hours a day playing some thug game and you all of a sudden think you're an O.G... GO GET SOME HELP.  You probably don't even know what an O.G. is cause you heard Lil' Wayne say it. (not saying that he's bad or anything) But come on now. Get with it.  Be your own person and do what you do.         Stop trying to be like 50 Cent. I'm from like the middle of suburbia and I can promise you that any of the kids out here go out and buy a gun they ARE NOT going to use it.  They probably don't even know how to take it off of safety. So please little people of the world...stop being dumb and stop listening to your favorite rappers.   Stay above the influence of drugs & alcohol.  And go outside and pick up a ball instead of killing people on the screen in front of you. Or do something positive like I'm trying to do! Tell the truth. Go write a blog about kids your age being stupid and tell them to stop!