Friday, July 8, 2011

Influence of Music & Video Games on Teens

       I'm kind of tired of hearing and reading about this.  It's on the internet, radio, TV, and I hear about it from my parents all the time.  The influence of music & video games on teens.  Only dumb kids get influenced by music.  I listen to a wide range of music and I'm not out killing people or doing drugs. Like honestly if you're dumb enough to believe half the stuff rappers/singers say, then you need to be in a padded room with a white jacket on with your arms wrapped around you.  Same thing goes for video games.  If you sit there on your butt for over 4 hours a day playing some thug game and you all of a sudden think you're an O.G... GO GET SOME HELP.  You probably don't even know what an O.G. is cause you heard Lil' Wayne say it. (not saying that he's bad or anything) But come on now. Get with it.  Be your own person and do what you do.         Stop trying to be like 50 Cent. I'm from like the middle of suburbia and I can promise you that any of the kids out here go out and buy a gun they ARE NOT going to use it.  They probably don't even know how to take it off of safety. So please little people of the world...stop being dumb and stop listening to your favorite rappers.   Stay above the influence of drugs & alcohol.  And go outside and pick up a ball instead of killing people on the screen in front of you. Or do something positive like I'm trying to do! Tell the truth. Go write a blog about kids your age being stupid and tell them to stop!

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