Friday, July 15, 2011

Gay Marriage...

       Okay. So this is serious topic #2 that people don't like to talk about but so many people hate it. And so many people talk about the bible and all that good stuff.  And sometimes it goes too far.  I know what the bible says and I understand people take it very seriously.  BUT it's a free country and Gays, Lesbians, & Bisexuals can do whatever they want.  If you tell these awesome people that they can't be with the person they love then this country might as well be under a dictatorship or something.
       We are all just human beings fighting each other instead of being the bigger people and stepping up and saying, "HEY! Who cares if you like the same sex as you? And who cares if you like both?"  I don't have a problem with that.  We are who we are. Just go as Ke$ha!  And some people can't help it.  I'd rather be Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual than a serial killer. Or a rapist. Or a bum who has no life. I could go on and on about the things that I don't want to be just to be something else.
       Gay marriage should be legalized because IT"S A FREE COUNTRY. Well at least that what you people say. If it's such a free country then why can't Gay's get married?? HELLO!!!! Hey there...they want to be happy just like the rest of this monster population.  People are so mean and hypocritical.  And for the SOBs who roam the streets looking to torture innocent Gay couples who aren't bothering anyone...F You. You deserve a giant middle finger. BAM! I just gave you one. gay marriage is such a big issue even though there are more important things to worry about. Like little kids being murdered by there careless mothers/fathers and rapists and drug dealers. I don't know..but if I were in charge of the laws and crap I'd be worried more about those things than worried about people who just want to be happy and live their lives.  But some of them can't because they go against the toughest challenges in life. Being bothered by sickos and they end up hurting or killing themselves.  Which is so sad to hear. They are people just like you and me and if no one will stand up for them I will.  Because I'm not a sick bastard that lives for making peoples lives hell!  I have friends that are Gay and all that.  And it made me more aware that they can be some of the nicest people out there.  They aren't the devil just cause they are a little different.  So I say back off instead of being a jerk off.  Sit back and think of what it would be like in their shoes.  Question yourself. And be honest. But leave them alone. THEY AREN'T HURTING ANYONE!
       Get a life...for all you know you might be Gay or whatever and not even realize it yet. So stop being such a hater.  You're a hater cuz they have what you don't.  A person by their side that loves them and wants to marry them.  Don't hate the playa. hate the game.!!!!! BYE!

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