Friday, July 8, 2011

You're afraid of.....(#1)

You're afraid of....ABORTION:
        So many people are afraid to talk about certain topics.  The put it off and put it off until it's burning a hole inside of them! So every Friday there will be a different topic until I get to the end of my list. There are about 9 things so let's get started!  (sorry if this blog gets long)
       Topic #1 is Abortion. I've talked to a lot of people on this topic and a lot of the answers that I've gotten were the same.  I honestly think that this topic should be discussed in every household with kids.  Not when the kids are 6 yrs old but when they're like in their teens.  I believe that abortion is murder. I don't care if the law, hospitals, your mother, or the president say that a baby isn't considered a human until a certain point in the pregnancy.  That BULL! This little fetus is in the making process of growing to be an amazing little miracle.  People that think it is okay to get an abortion should think it over. Yes, it is the females choice whether she wants it or not but think about it this way...Your mom didn't get you cut out so that you would never enter this world.  There are other choices other than getting an abortion.  Abortion should be the last choice.  You can give the kid up for adoption.  Give him/her to someone who really wants kids.
       There are some many families out there that want to add children to their family.  And so many couples waiting to become a family but they can't have kids.  They would love to take your "mistake" off your hands.  Yes, I know.  This may be coming off a little mean and heartless.  But you have to be heartless to get an abortion.  I'm not judging you if you've gotten an abortion or thinking about an abortion, I'm just trying to get my point across.  Why get an abortion when you can help out a great family/couple. You have the power to make them the Brady Bunch! 
       But I honestly don't understand why it is so hard for people to talk about abortions.  Just be straight up with it.  Abortion is a serious issue that we face with today.  And I'm sure at some point in our lives we will all face the topic of abortion.  I still think that everyone should reconsider abortion.  BLAH BLAH BLAH. plain and simple.  So many people get mad at the topic.  It's like, stop getting mad and do something about it.  Reach out.  But either way people will always do what they want but as long as the people who don't like it attempt to do something about it then they've done their job.
NOTE: I've seen pictures of an abortion. You can Google just about anything. It's brutal and disturbing. But I'm not going to put them on here because it's so gut wrenching.

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