Friday, July 29, 2011

Addressing Haters...

     I've written a few blogs and just FYI these blogs were not originally for older people! (I'm 16..figure out what older is) Originally, some of the statements that I made were to be for entertainment, not to be taken seriously.  And I am 100% accountable for apparently not making that clear enough.  But I don't write blogs to read ignorant comments about people calling me a "stupid bi**h".  And I don't need to read ignorant racist comments like "they are all lazy watermelon and chicken eating, referencing all black women".  It's not needed.  If you think I'm immature, you need to reevaluate your life and your meanings of it.  In the particular blog where this person commented referencing black women, there was no racism even made in what I wrote.  It was the blog about cops (this post has been removed).  Referencing all black women to eating watermelon and fried chicken is like me referencing all white women to calling the police on blacks. Because first of all, I don't like watermelon and I don't eat fried chicken often. And by often I mean like I had my first piece of the year...yesterday! Second, quite honestly the cops were at my door because the lady across the street called on us because we wouldn't answer her BS questions.
     For the record, I am NOT in prison or in trouble with the law. For the people that think that, it's just whatever.  So many people want to hate for no reason.  At a time when it's not even necessary. Haters motivate me to do what I do even more and even better.  But when the comments are becoming offensive there's a problem.  It's 2011 and people are still racist.  That's really sad and pathetic.  That just shows that people today are more weak willed, minded and easily influenced.  What I say in my blogs are acceptable because I can do whatever I want.  I'm very honest and blunt about everything I say and if I cared about peoples feelings then I would be a total wreck!  It's not me being mean, it's just me being who/how I am.  If you or anyone else don't like it, then why waste your time and mine commenting on the link to where my blog is posted!?  I don't need the petty BS.  For the person who said my statements where "generic", I hope this is specific enough for you.  People need to get passed color, and just see other people for who they are on the inside.  Inside beauty and intelligence is the only thing that matters.  Get passed stereotypes.  Get passed color.  And get on with your life.  I honestly don't know why I took the time to even write this.  I know I say that I don't care about what people say, but racist comments bother to the point of where it annoys me at night.  That's the only thing that will ever bother me.

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