Sunday, July 24, 2011

Erie Pa Copwatch (Joel Atkin Case)

       Okay...I got this idea sent to me on twitter.  I wrote a blog to it already but erased it all because I had to go back and think about this whole thing.  So from this videos that I listened to, Joel Atkin, shot a man (his name I think was Jason) because he was stepping closer to Joel.  I'm not certain if this Jason had a knife or not because the information is so sketchy. My apologizes if I say sketchy a lot because that's what this case is...SKETCHY!  If I'm not mistaken, Atkin was driving and a confrontation occured.  Jason or whoever this dude is was drunk. Knife or not, he punched Atkin in the face and started to come after him.  In the 911 call, Atkin, said that this man was stepping closer and if he went any closer he was going to shoot.  Right there, my first thought was that if someone hit me in the face and had a knife (or not), we would have had a problem.  Because first off, don't put your hands on me. Anywho, the dude got closer and Joel shot the gun...then, that's basically when all hell breaks loose and you just hear him frantically screaming and people in the background.  So, someone was going to get his gun. BLAH BLAH. 
       The mother of Joel says that there is missing evidence.  Like the whole thing with the knife.  A police officer had the same last name as Jason.  This case is so sketchy and so much is going on at one time.  There was something about his car distance that changed 125 feet.  I can see if someone messed up and said that there was a 2 feet difference but not 125 feet.  That absolutely ridiculous.  But I'm going to get to a few other points that I found kind of insulting and just plain wrong.  Like, I'm seriously bothered by these things.  First off:  the threats to Atkins mother...that's totally not needed.  She's not responsible for what happened.  She's just another person that is looking for answers and she wants her son to be free.  Second: I've been reading the comments on the videos and a lot of the people are saying the word "nigger". So I'm guessing this other dude is an African-American.  I don't know what it is but that word is really offensive because I'm African-american myself.  And we're all not bad people, just for the record. The "N" word is so gross and idk why people still use it.  (not saying that there is any racism in this case) but it's possible.  And also for the record, look up the word ni**er,  it does say blacks but it also says ignorant and of darker skin.  So hypothetically speaking, if you go out and get a tan because you think you're too light, then you're a ni**er yourself. Or if you call a black person a ni**er, then you're a ni**er yourself for calling them one. (just saying. i'm totally not a racist)
       Alright, I don't know if I could give a complete opinion on this because it's just sooooo sketchy and off the charts.  I watch a lot of crime stuff and the news and I've never been this confused before.  But from the information that I see..I think it was self defense.  If someone was coming at me with a knife, I'd shoot too! Honestly though, this case could go both ways.  But a lot of it should be reconsidered because of all the missing evidence.  A lot of the information doesn't add up.  Also I would totally love to hear the other side of the story.  But plain and simple, this is what it is.  And with the information given, Atkin seemed to be defending himself..
       (AND IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE WHAT I THINK, THEY CAN COME AFTER ME ALL THEY WANT!  You can hit me up anytime...give me threats all you want. I'm down. I can throw a threat at you to)  The case is sketchy.  With the given info, it's not accurate or probable.  As far as I'm concerned, Atkin, is innocent until some probable evidence shows up and the cops and hospitals stop being stupid and just man up and grow some balls.  I don't know why it's so hard for people to just say it like it is.  Anywho...I'm done now. That's what I think of this case.  My verdict is: SKETCHY!


  1. Liah stay real thats the only why to be because people who lie will get caught up in lies pray for both families thank you and god bless and if you could send this to as many people as you can thank you

  2. Um no excuse me he should of never stopped jay
    Told him to slow down because the boys were out there playing basketball its a side road not very busy n he was looking out for the welfair of his children as any father would do yes Jay shoulda jus left it alone but the man jay was he didn't play no games wen it came to the kids if anything Joel shoulda threw fits not Shit the poor guy in front of his son like tha lil boy lives with tha for tha rest of his life now come find out facts befor u judge anything becuz u don't know the facts